Explanation of Growl Styles

There are different kinds of Growl Styles. There are Growl Styles that change the way a Growl notification looks on your screen. Some can do things like send you an email. Some can even talk to hardware devices.

Visual Growl Styles

The Growl Styles that change the way Growl notifications look on your screen are what we like to call Visual Growl Styles. These displays can be created by anyone who has a little bit of talent with either web technologies like CSS/HTML or with Apple's Cocoa

Here is a list of the Visual Growl Styles that we have found. A lot of people have put out different Visual Growl Styles throughout the years. If you would like to have your display style listed here, just let us know about it via the discuss list.

AirMail - Design by Guillermo Ferrero Ferri

BangTidy - Design by Daryl Ginn

BangTidy2 - Design by Daryl Ginn

Basics - Designs by Christopher Lobay

Black Glass Growl Style - Design by Ryan Collins

Bulk - Design by Robert Boyce

Cloud - Design by Drew Smith

Chione - Design by Jukka Svahn

Chromic - Design by Drew Smith

David Leatherman - Design by Yummygum

Dribble - Design by Giovanni Lauricella

Eleven - Designs by Christopher Lobay

Ence Style Family - Designs by Arvind Venkataramani

Engage - Design by Engage Interactive

Framed - Design by Rasmus Nielsen

GlassFruit - Design by Matthias Kretschmann

GrowlingLion - Design by Andreas Heiberg

Gruber (Putting Gruber to Work) - Design by Andre Stechert

Hud Growl Theme - Design by Rogie King

Incredible Project G - Design by Sulaiman Kuthubdeen

iOS flip theme - Design by Shantanu Gautam

iOS 5 Notification Growl - Design by SkyJohn

Linen - Design by Charlie Hewitt

M.4 - Design by Gniqu

Mono - Designs by Christopher Lobay

Morning & Evening - Design by Glenn Hitchcock

Nucleic - Design by Chris Wallace

Poseidon - Design by Jukka Svahn

Portal - Design By Will Blackmore

PremiumPixels - Design by Orman Clark

Ribbon Growl Theme - Design By Shantanu Gautam

Skinotronic - Design by Alain-Christian

SlimBox - Design by Tunghsiao Liu

SnowBezel - Design by Dennis Raver

Smokestack - Design by MattRobs

SOLID - Design by Hiroshi

SquareOne - Design by Jukka Svahn

Sticky Growl Theme - Design by Shantanu Gautam,

Valet - Design by Dan Deming-Henes

VoxGrowl - Design by Tunghsiao Liu

Wooded - Design by Derek Briggs

Action Growl Styles

The other kind of Growl Styles, the ones which can do things, are called Action Growl Styles. If you are familiar with the MailMe display in Growl, then you have seen an Action Growl Style.

SMTP Mail - More options for sending emails through Growl - By Alessandro Volz

Mac LCD - Use Growl with a character LCD - By Eric Pooch

Styles Archive

We also have a few displays for archival purposes. You can see these at the Growl Styles Archive.