How to report a bug in Growl

First, be sure to check our FAQ page, where we have listed the most common known bugs, as well as a few things that aren't really bugs but may seem like bugs.

If you didn't find your problem in our FAQ, the best way to report it is to send an email to our discussion list (you will need to subscribe first—we promise we won't spam you). We do ask that you look through at least the first page (most recent threads), in case someone else has had the same problem and received a solution.

Essential ingredients

If you do end up writing a bug report of your own, please remember to include the following information:

  • Version number in Growl's About tab
  • Version number of Mac OS X in About this Mac (in the  [Apple] menu)
  • Specific names of any applications you're trying to use with Growl
  • Display style you're using (for notification-display issues)

We prefer discussing issues before filing them as issues, and will file tickets on your behalf.