GrowlMail has moved on to Rudy Richter

GrowlMail has been handed over to Rudy Richter, our longtime GrowlMail developer. We wish him luck with his efforts and hope the future is bright for Growl and GrowlMail.

The following are links to the new home of GrowlMail

Contact and Support information
GrowlMail-discuss Google Group

To Download GrowlMail
GrowlMail Google Code Hosting Downloads

Development Resources
GrowlMail Google Code Hosted Project
GrowlMail on Github

Note: The rest of this information is for those who wish to know why we have made this change.

For 7 years, the Growl Project has maintained multiple Extras. These Extras were always meant to be demonstrations of Growl's capabilities and to provide inspiration to users and developers. One of the most popular Extras is GrowlMail. Over time, GrowlMail has become more difficult to maintain than Growl itself, consuming increasing amounts of our limited time and resources. The difficulties in keeping GrowlMail functional became even more pronounced when GrowlMail had to be updated for every minor release of OS X from Apple.

We, the Growl Project, have decided that our resources are better spent improving and furthering Growl itself. As such, we are refocusing our efforts on Growl and will no longer maintain or develop GrowlMail ourselves.

Here is our official correspondence on the change over:
Growl 1.3 Changes
Future of GrowlMail and GrowlTunesPlugin
Growlmail going forward