A corrupt Growl installation has been detected

First, thank you for purchasing Growl. We really appreciate it. :)

Growl has detected a corrupt installation. Most likely what happened is that Growl 1.2.2 was installed and the app store installed Growl into the older Growl version.

Let's fix that. First let's clean up Growl, and then download Growl from the app store one more time. Follow these steps:

  1. Run our uninstaller. You can download the uninstaller from here. If the uninstaller has problems removing Growl, follow our manual uninstall steps.
  2. Open System Preferences, make sure that Growl is not there. If Growl is in System Preferences, run the Uninstaller from our downloads page again.
  3. Go to the Mac App Store and locate Growl in the app store. Click this link to take you to Growl in the app store.
  4. Click to download Growl again. It may look like you are purchasing Growl, but you will be prompted by the app store to download Growl again for free as long as you use the same account.
  5. You are done. Growl should now be installed correctly.