Donate to Growl

The Growl Project is no longer accepting donations at this time. If you are able to help in other ways, such as coding, design, or support, here is what you can do.


The Growl Project is always looking for new contributors to help the project move forward. Whether you have 30 years of experience or no experience at all, we can definitely use your help. Please contact us on the development mailing list/group if you are interested.


If you are great at design and want to get your name out there, The Growl Project is one way to do that. We provide millions of users with a way to see notifications, and you can design a display style for that. The website can always use some work, and we have other things to do as well. Icon work is always appreciated, and there is even more. If interested please contact us on the Growl Discussions list/group.


Are you great at supporting people who need help with software? Well even if you are not and you want to get your feet wet in helping other people, it's pretty easy. Join the Growl Discussions group and start helping out.