Mercurial Installation How-to

What is Mercurial?

Mercurial, otherwise known as hg, is a source content management system. It is similar, in some ways, to Git or Subversion, and helps to keep track of source code changes. It is our distributed version control system of choice, and what you will need to access in order to get source code for Growl itself.

Working with Mercurial

We have found that the easiest way to access the Growl source code repository is through a graphical client called SourceTree. We highly recommend this over the other options below, but they are available to you if you do not mind a bit of legwork.

Note: You will still need a command line installation of Mercurial (hg) in order to build Growl. SourceTree just makes working with Mercurial a whole lot easier.

Command Line Mercurial

Before you begin, make sure you have Xcode installed. If you don't, you can download them from the Mac App Store.

There are multiple ways to get Mercurial. Here are the most popular on Mac OS X:

If you chose to install Mercurial from the prepackaged installer, you will need to add hg to your path. It is likely in /usr/local/bin. To do so please refer to the documentation for your shell.

The hg Book is available on-line and is a useful resource for teaching yourself how to use Mercurial. We highly recommend reviewing this document to learn more about Mercurial, and distributed version control systems in general.