Configure Apple Mail to notify with Growl

Apple Mail does not include support for Growl. However, a plugin called GrowlMail can provide Growl support for Mail.

Follow these steps to enable Growl support in Apple Mail

  1. Download and install GrowlMail.
  2. Open Mail.
  3. Go to Mail preferences.
  4. Locate the GrowlMail tab. You may need to click the arrows on the right side of the toolbar.

  5. Mail Toolbar

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  6. Ensure that GrowlMail is enabled.

Congratulations, Growl should now work with Apple Mail.

GrowlMail Preferences

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There is one additional option for Mail, and that is notifications via applescript. We have a very basic applescript that you can download in order to send notifications to Growl from a rule within Mail. Here is what that would look like:

Click here to download the applescript.